Do you have a child who doesn’t want to eat anything in the morning?

Do you worry they won’t be able to hear the teacher over their rumbling tum-tum? How they are going to function without any nutrition during that crucial period of the day?

A good and quick way to get some vitamins and proteins into a finicky eater is to blend up a bunch of their favourite fruit and serve with a handful of hemp seed or their favourite nuts. Walnuts are an amazing brain food. The fruit smoothie is naturally sweet, packed with antioxidants and fiber. If you’re brave, you can sneak a leaf of kale or a piece of carrot. Be careful though with gamechangers like garlic or green onions. And do try to peel, especially if the fruit is not organic. For berries and grapes, spray with vinegar and run under hot water.

This will be much better than an empty tummy. 🙂

Everyone loves them! <3