! Workshop !

Hey Friends!

Hope you see signs of Spring everywhere! 

If you could give yourself all the micro-, macro- and phytonutrients, the pro- and prebiotics AND the antioxidants your body needs with one salad meal, would you?

We’re putting it all together, wisdom from the Plant-Based Nutrition course, books, and conferences! We’re getting together at the new 10C for a delish meal and discussion on how to achieve optimal weight, have glowing skin and perfectly formed poop!

I’m attaching some of the steps involved in building this enhanced salad meal. We will have organic oyster mushrooms and sunflower shoots from the Drumlin Farm and other awesome goodies, like Live Salad Dressing made from tahini, lemon and kombucha. And sprouts. 

Cost is $39 (includes soup and bread, the salad meal, drinks, recipe for Bliss Bites, tracker and shopping list, nutrient & plant rich list) and can be eTransferred to workshop@TRYvegan.ca.

Consider this an act of pure Self-Love