About Us

Thank you for helping us celebrate TRYvegan’s birthday! We look forward to serving you with delicious vegan dishes and desserts.

D. Izabela Lukomska, Owner and Operator

An animal friend and advocate since toddlerhood, an avid cook and veganizer (someone who is successful in converting regular recipes to taste heavenly using whole plant-based ingredients), she is well suited to lead TRYvegan.

“ Why not try food that’s good for us, the environment and the animals? I hope everyone tries at least one vegan dish and realizes how delicious it can be!”

Dorota has successfully catered for both large and small gatherings.


 Michael Lewis, Contributor

Nature lover, farmer, seed collector and an excellent cook, Michael is the impetus behind the TRYvegan dishes. He grows most of the ingredients locally and ecologically. “I’m after the taste and good quality ingredients are the way to go”.




Gaia and Jahlanka, Creative Consultants

Two awesome young ladies, studying to become Early Childhood Educator and Social Worker, are indispensable at TRYvegan with their advice and ideas.




We blend cultural cuisines (Polish, Jamaican, Italian, Thai, etc.) and arrive at wonderful creations. We would love to share a sample.

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