What we do:

  •  use local, organic or non-GMO ingredients
  •  use glass, ceramics, wood, or stainless steel when cooking
  •  grow corn, beans, squash and spices ourselves on a local organic farm
  •  veganize traditional and fun meals like pizza, poutine, cheesecake or nice cream
  •  source out the most affordable, but high quality ingredients
  •  keep the latest nutritional information in mind when formulating recipes, coming up with dish ideas or cooking

What we don’t do:

  •  use disposables unless they are compostable, like sugar cane plates
  •  use microwaves
  • use plastic containers
  • use non-stick cookware

Events that we are proud to have participated in:

  • GNSC Equity Conference – Starting the Conversation
  • Guelph Tool Library Last Minute Shopping Market
  • Brant Avenue PS Holiday Concerts
  • GNSC 2017 Year End Party
  • Brant Community Garden Harvestfest and Brant Avenue Public School Open House
  • Bracelet of Hope, Yoga for Hope Yogathon
  • CMHA, Gatekeeper Project, Pilot Training
  • GSETA, Why Veg? Open your heart and mind!